SAP Certification – Boosting You Inside the Career Ladder

SAP has become the largest global provider of ERP Certification with over 25,000 individuals achieving certification up to now throughout the world. SAP certification is really a flexible and tailored programme that’s available to everyone – SAP clients, SAP employees, client employees, independent consultants and partner employees.
The amount of SAP Certification
You’ll find 3 degrees of SAP certification which are currently attainable: Associate, Professional and Master.
The Associate Level certifications are beginner’s programmes that are available to anyone with an interest in pursuing a SAP career. This level develops fundamental SAP and ERP knowledge and entry is ready to accept SAP “freshers” and much more experienced individuals.
Professional Level certification is open and then those who have proven connection with SAP project implementation with an knowledge of ERP software. In-depth SAP experience is an important requirement to achieving professional level certification.
The proprietor Level certification is but one that is still in development. Candidates at master level must demonstrate expert understanding of SAP implementation and show broad project experience. Testing with this level is often a rigorous and lengthy process and candidates are needed to demonstrate expertise through formal, practical methods.
SAP has developed certification programmes for its Business One and Business all-in-one ERP solutions, currently purely available to people in england and Ireland. These levels of certification are of particular benefit for aspiring UK consultants who would like to help UK SMEs

Does SAP certification ensure a prosperous career?
SAP’s programmes are made to an incredibly high standard, as well as people earn certification by demonstrating exceptional knowledge and talents. Those consultants and individuals who may have achieved high end certification have emerged to become very elite group, and might well have more rewarding and successful careers than their uncertified counterparts.
As with every career, true success in SAP is only developed by having a blend of direct experience and investment into certification and qualification. Individuals who are already experienced with SAP implementation are able to improve their career with certification. SAP freshers must be aware however that using an associate level certification with no direct implementation or project experience won’t instantly equal an effective career. SAP certification is in all likelihood most useful to the people individuals wishing to pursue a job as an independent consultant. Buying certification strengthens their marketability in a competitive environment, improving their prospects to find and maintaining clients.
Selecting the most appropriate certification
One of the most useful and efficient certification is one which is matched for an individual’s area of expertise instead of current demand. SAP offers certification for every component of its ERP software – CRM, Finance, HR etc – as well as the most successful option is sometimes not at all times clear. Relevant certification should demonstrate in some recoverable format an individual’s expertise, in much the same way as a degree or MBA does. If, as an example, one has a powerful background in SAP finance implementation pursuing a certification in SAP Financials is the best decision to boost their career prospects.
A long-term investment
SAP Certification is ultimately a long-term investment into future career success. Certification, especially for inexperienced individuals, is very little quick fix and does not bring about overnight success. In the present competitive environment, people who have a certification who can demonstrate relevant experience have a much higher potential for securing the SAP career of the dreams.
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